Just by visiting your friends,
you can help children get an education.

1 week-end = 1 year of education
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How It Works

A unique initiative allowing you to contribute to children’s education in developing countries while spending great time with friends.

Whether you are a host or guest, signing up is easy and as simple as booking travel online.

1 week-end = €100 donation = 1 year of education

Connect to your friends

Log in with your favourite social network and locate your friends around the corner or across the globe.

Plan a trip

Choose a night or a weekend to visit them and confirm through the site.

Support childrens' education

Make your secure online donation & WLTW takes care of the rest.


WLTW works in partnership with local organisations supporting children's education in the developing world.

Cissé Yargo School, Burkina Faso

School construction for 235 children, dining hall & playground.

École du Bayon, Cambodia

Funding to educate 30 girls for the next 6 years.

South Kan Taw School, Burma

Singapore host family funds school expansion plans.

Bikes & Uniform, Hong Kong

HK host family raises funds.

Arya’s children library, New Delhi

Funding of new library development.

Charity Run, San Francisco

SF family organises a run for WLTW.

Our Story

WLTW launched in 2012 with a round-the-world tour to build a school in Africa. Since then many have joined the ride to raise money for the education of children in developing countries around the world.

Now WLTW is growing again, opening its doors to the world, so that everyone can be part of the experience.

  • 2012

    The Colas' family challenge

  • 2013

    Irene Meister continues the dream

    A 6-month world tour funding the education of girls in Cambodia. €45,000 raised, through hotel savings & private donors and 30 girls with their education fully paid for 6 years.

  • 2013-2014

    Inspired host families launch fundraising initiatives

    Around the world, friends of WLTW have been inspired to raise money and organise events to support the cause.

  • 2015-2016

    Going global, with you

    Now WLTW is going global. In 2016 the platform will relaunch so that anyone can be part of the WLTW initiative. Individuals and businesses will be able to participate, spend time with their friends while supporting the cause for childrens' education.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

The WLTW Team

A group of non-profit and digital marketing experts.

Fred Colas


Estelle Colas

Co-Founder, Director Charity Partners

Sophie Le Mouel


Abhinav Agarwal

Director, Digital Technology

Lex Bradshaw-Zanger

Director, Marketing & UX

If you would like to join the WLTW team or simply donate your time, please contact us. And don't forget to like our We Like The World page on Facebook to stay up to date on our launch.

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For information on WLTW, to donate, or simply to stay connected for our launch please contact us.